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I’ve written a few blogs about great (and not-so-great) customer experiences. Over the years I’ve found that clients often have similar problems inhibiting better customer experiences, regardless of their different goals, products, services, and customers.

Innovative experiences are built on strong fundamentals:

Data, technology, processes, and people can make or break a great customer experience. These are the types of customer experience challenges we commonly see:

Data isn’t sufficiently connected

When you have vast amounts of customer data that isn’t connected through a master customer ID, both you and the customer suffer. This varies business to business—sometimes it’s as basic as the bank teller knowing you have a checking account, credit card, and home loan. Other times it’s as advanced as tying complex behavioral web data to your next email communication. If you’re facing challenges determining the best investments to connect data, you’re not alone

Technical debt is holding you back from new technologies

“Technical debt.” Two of the most demoralizing words. Many clients are excited about the latest cloud-based technology and applications, but must tackle a large backlog of technical debt first if they’re going to keep basic operational and customer systems going. These clients struggle to turn their attention toward the right technologies for the future.

In the era of cloud applications, we also see business groups moving forward with technologies independent of IT. More and more, we’re helping our clients determine how to best align the business and IT toward the same goals and working better together.

Processes aren’t documented or followed

We see many companies struggle with processes supporting the customer experience. For example, my son was recently in a minor car accident while skateboarding without a helmet. The lesson learned? Avoid accidents because the insurance and medical processes are more excruciating than the accident itself. One rep says we owe $X, another says we owe $Y; one says call this number, another says email this address. The lack of cohesion and inconsistency has left us both completely baffled and frustrated. As medical and insurance customers, we’re not impressed.

People aren’t always working as a cohesive team

Misaligned executives, siloed teams, and unskilled employees will hinder you from improving customer experiences. People are the lifeblood of business; they’re the ones coming up with ideas and doing the work. Finding top tier talent, managing culture change, and training workers is hard in today’s fast-paced world. Getting people to work together to deliver great customer experiences is critical to success—especially now.

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