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Bear’s is an international
Creative, Design, Animation
& Effects group

Agency ADvisor has helped 650+ agencies achieve a competitive

Edge through the analysis of existing business practices and developing plans for improvement. We share proven business tactics and best practices with our clients. Agency ADvisor won’t tell you what you want to hear, but rather what you need to hear – helping you with the solution.

We also improve the impression your agency makes on your clients and prospects by creating consistency in processes and branding.

what we

We focus on having fun, creativity and problem solving; to deliver results that people would love to watch and share. With over 20 years of experience in an ever-evolving (and very hot) climate, Gravity is uniquely positioned to take on projects across multiple platforms that require calculated visual effects, rich animations.

Our Tel-Aviv office has been the Israeli leader in design advertising, visual effects and entertainment for the past 20 years.

how we
do it?

In more than 10 years, we have learned to listen and to calm clients’ fears by regarding expectations as new learning ventures. We thrive in a Silicon Valley inspired work environment where design, technology and innovation are the driving forces behind the company.

By integrating data science, personalization and membership commerce, the company has reimagined the entire business cycle of fashion retail

Fascinating designs websites


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Fascinating designs & engaging websites


A superior source for stylish Chardonnay,
demonstrating that the Saint-Aubin
appellation, which borders.

Fascinating designs & engaging websites


Home to 30 innovators, visionaries, and digital
creatives. Our diverse in-house team originates
from nine nations.

We Believe...

Reality Can Be Changed With
Enough Imagination.

Friends collaborate with organizations of all sizes in public, private,and social sectors to build innovation into their culture and moveforward in brave new ways.

Friends, a collaborative design company.

Partnering With Extraordinary

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