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The Insurer of the Future – Part 12 – Employee Benefits

Capgemini UK has launched SAP Leonardo Services and will be running a blog series “Capgemini’s Fast Digital with SAP Leonardo” covering a broad range of topics, relating to SAP Leonardo, by our experts. Through the blog series, we will be regularly updating our views on the new technology, the innovation Capgemini are bringing to the market with SAP Leonardo and specific success stories. This blog, the first blog in the series, will give you an introduction to SAP Leonardo and its components, as well as Capgemini’s partnership with SAP and other vendors and our approach in delivering Leonardo solutions.

What is SAP Leonardo?

SAP Leonardo is the digital innovation system integrating breakthrough technologies and running seamlessly in the cloud. It offers design thinking methodology together with SAP expertise to help businesses rapidly adopt new capabilities and business models – an accelerator for digital transformation.

It is SAP’s vision of the digital future. It gets its name from Leonardo Da Vinci who was, without a doubt, an innovator, someone way ahead of his time. In the same way SAP Leonardo carries instant, universal recognition – both as a name and as a figure known for innovation in a ground-breaking era of science and discovery. What name could be more appropriate?

These targeted solutions and accelerators are built on technology platform consisting of SAP Cloud Platform (PaaS infrastructure offering various technologies), SAP Leonardo (Business and technical services to rapidly build re-usable applications), Edge computing (for data ingestion at edge applications)

SAP and Capgemini partnership

SAP and Capgemini have come together with a joint group level initiative called “Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries (FD4DI)” . FD4DI is designed to help clients in the discrete manufacturing industries to improve their company using SAP Leonardo based solutions. Capgemini and SAP are investing in the creation of a series of offers and go-to-market positions that target specifically the discrete manufacturing industries, including aerospace & defence, automotive, high tech, consumer products, and industrial machinery & components. This includes business led digital transformation use cases underpinned by the latest Capgemini and SAP technology, which can be rapidly deployed.

Our assets

Capgemini are at the forefront of SAP Leonardo exploitation and already have a selection of use cases and prototypes that can be used to demonstrate the potential Capgemini can deliver with SAP Leonardo. The use cases include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Track and Trace for goods in the supply chain
  • Supply chain visibility innovation
  • Digital control room; new views allowing greater flexibility

Through continued innovation and commitment to IoT, Capgemini have a “SAP IoT-in-a-BOX” solution, a pre-configured, plug-and-play, scalable, and available as a “Solution-as-a-Service”. To see the SAP IoT-in-a-box and the work Capgemini are undertaking with clients, contact our experts.

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