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Roberto Jauregui

What attracted you to Bear’s?

I was attracted to Slalom by the opportunity to tap into a wealth of truly brilliant and innovative professionals. The perceived development opportunities within Slalom, and particularly the Analyst Program, were too great to pass up.

My Skills

Client Service Lead 60%
Analyst 80%
Operations Manager 95%

What makes a great consultant?

I think the essential underpinnings include an ability to think critically and creatively, and funneling that energy into a dedicated experience where outstanding customer service, imaginative solutions, and an aim for an inspiring outcomes is the ultimate goal.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love walking into work knowing that each day I will be challenged and faced with some of our client’s most pressing barriers. Getting to do so with an incredible support system and Slalom Family to back me only sweetens the deal.

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